Spoiled…and cuttin’ daisies

So in today’s world of great beer, I was talking with with some friends just the other night about how different the landscape of craft beer is today verses just a few years ago, not to mention a decade ago. It used to be that most rural areas didn’t stock many craft & import options and you had to really travel to find a few good choices. Not anymore and “we’re a little spoiled because of it!(in a good way)” Was the eventual conclusion to a half hour chat. Really just think about it, remember what… Sierra Pale was like….”man thats really really hoppy”, Weyerbacher’s original Ipa was barely palate-able (at least for my young taste buds- funny how ya never forget the first one!) Dead Guy & Sam Smith was a real treat & a flavorful step up from everyday brew that consisted of Yuengling Lager or a maybe a Heineken? Not that any of this is totally off base today but in every aspect there is tons more choice. So many styles & sub-styles, subtle variations and so on… It really is cool.
Almost always going for a well hopped copper ale of some sort, now a days I can take the “when all else fails-grab a Dales” approach, mix it up with a Two Hearted, Centennial, Torpedo, or now the best bang for the buck- in my opinion Perpetual…but even then we look forward to Nugget Nectar (next week by the way- call, or message to reserve- it’ll go fast!) & here comes the mothers of hop bombs- Hop Slam & Double Trouble (ditto), and the list goes on… Choice is awesome isn’t it?
So as this here tall can of Half Acres’s Daisy Cutter is tasting as if its heaven sent (lil pricey- but hey?) it really amazing how far the craft beer scene has come in the last decade. But for tonight, this sweaty, silver tall can of Daisy Cutter is fitting the bill nicely, with a nice smooth malt character, with a little hint of caramel, bright citrusy hop accents, and just enough spicy snap to balance it all out…I’m thinking life is good and I’m good with being a lil bit of a spoiled beer snob:)!

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