Return to Weyerbacher

While I have to admit, its been awhile, perhaps 2 years since my last Weyerbacher brew. Since they redesigned their packaging & released a pair of new brews, Verboten & Last Chance IPA, I got intrigued.  Verboten gets the first nod & is a simple, clean belgian-esque Pale (Gold) Ale.  5.9% ABV is perfect for the style & smooth, soft palate is complemented by a mild, peppery hop snap & light fruity, yeasty undertones.   While admitting this is not my absolute favorite style (bit light on citrusy hop notes) this one is very well done and has reversed my mindset of Weyerbacher taking focus away from everyday beer styles.  Weyerbacher has been making some fantastic extreme (and pricey) brews for years, and with those they are mostly recognized, but its the smaller styles that bring a brewery volume, and it seems they “get it” again.  I look forward to giving Last Chance IPA another chance very soon.

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