Post-Apocalyptic Beer

Ok so the title suggests a reality of of an actual apocalypse…not really going into all of that, but- hypothetically, what if there were some event that turned the Craft Beer scene on its ear & all the good beer just dried up? The global giants gobble everyone up, a world-wide hop shortage due to infection or all of the 2-Row just fell over or some other such, nonsense?  
And, only you could pick 1 craft brewery to survive…well?  
Man whatta’ conundrum…arrgh I can’t do it!  It’s the same as “what’s your favorite beer?”  “Heck I don’t know…it’s like who’s your favorite kid?”
And it seems to change all the time, for whatever reason…usually with whatever “liquid love” is in my hand at the moment.  For instance last night I was swearing to myself the Stone IPA has returned to all of its former glory (whether or not it actually diverted is debatable-but in my small lil mind it did) and was the most beautiful, hopped up, wonderfully drinkable, bright citrusy IPA ever made.  
Were talking Brewery here, not just any single beer…  So whats it gonna be?
#1 has to be….um, well, hmmm…since just had a few oz. sample of Nectar, which is so fresh & perfect, taking into account all of the other solid brews they do year round as well as the fun scratch series & other specialties…my winner is Troegs.  Stone you can be runner up!  So what do you think?

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