Liquor Privitazation

P.C. or not, my personal thoughts on all of the Privatization noise…
Oh you only get half truths from the media. From the eyes of the consumer, I get it, there’s no “dog in the fight” so all of this seems reasonable. forget the billion dollars…that’s BS & not the reason, its about politicians using the “public interest card” to advance their agendas. If it was about the added revenue they could raise the price a dollar, and no one the wiser, bang! they would have the revenue. If it was the convenience, then open a few more stores in every market & actually make them ALL modern & fully staffed/stocked like in the bigger market stores. Its truly about politics & making their place in history & taking care of billionaires friends & allies- period. Here’s an excerpt of how it affects Beer Distributors for REAL…the family owned businesses that employ thousands of people & are only “restrictive & antiquated” because of the rules that these bureaucrats themselves have written & hold them to. Keep this about the privatization of Liquor/wine & leave beer out of it for now. Sell the liquor stores if they want- fine. The lottery sale didn’t involve a re-write of gambling laws or any of the casinos or whether your local fire dept could have small games of chance, right? Why is this different, privitize LIQUOR- BEER ALREADY IS!!!
Below is copied from a fact sheet from the MBDA…

– Beer and wine licenses for others, (grocery, convenience, drug and big box stores such as Wal-Mart) are as low as $17,500 to $35,000 each, while the cost of a new ‘enhanced license’ for a beer distributor would be $150,000 a year with an annual renewal of $10,000. Beer distributors – who are all family owned small businesses – are expected to pay 400% more to get wine and six-pack sales when other industry segments get both beer and wine at a nominal price? Every beer distributor has already paid a market price for their distributorship and the right to sell beer – now we are being required to ‘repurchase’ this right at a price that is higher than our proposed competition’s.

– A wine and spirits auctioned license, just for the right to sell wine and liquor, will run about $200,000. For a beer distributor to have beer sales down to a six-pack, wine and liquor, the total cost will be about $350,000.

– If the proposed legislation passes as is, many of Pennsylvania’s beer distributors will be out of business within a few years. Consumers may have more locations to buy beer, but the prices will be much higher and the selection far more limited.

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