Hop Freaks!

Wow not even Feb yet & already over half way through Hop Freak season.  Now is revered as the time of year when all of the good stuff hits the shelves.  HopSlam!, Nugget Nectar & Founders Double Trouble, all three so anticipated its like there’s copious doses of gasoline involved with their launch every year.   Were hoping for a second small shipment of Nectar after the draft rolls in (any day now) and HopSlam was pretty much all done before it even showed up- gotta get on the list early, as some “ahead of the curve” were too late to get any of the mothers of all hop bombs (at a fair price) this year.  Keep an eye out for Double T (any time now), as it could bode as the best of the bunch, as it has in a few of the past years’ & don’t forget about Fegley’s Hopsolutely, with is every bit as good, and much more than most big IPA’s out there… were talkin’ 11.5 ABV & 100+ IBU’s & available for the most part, year ’round… 

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